Gray Fox in Saco (Map 3)

Took this from inside the kitchen about 0700 Sunday morning. Several days before had heard a ruckus under this feeder, where the red and gray squirrels gather. Saw this fox chase something into a patch of ground cover about 10 feet away. Don’t know if he got anything or not. This morning he/she appeared to be eating the seed on the ground.

A gray fox under the bird feeder where red and gray squirrels feed.

Have only seen red foxes before in this area. How common are the grays?

We live on six acres along the Saco river just south of the Bonny Eagle Dam. Plenty of woods, both hardwood and pines/hemlocks, plus large open field. We see plenty of deer and turkeys and the occasional raccoon. In fact that afternoon caught a glimpse of a mama raccoon and three babies headed up from the river.  LMJ


  1. Dave Hamlin says

    Robin, I believe what you have is a Silver Fox and not a Grey Fox.