Brown Recluse, or not?

This large spider has taken up residency in our back room window, which is generally never opened.
My husband and I need someone to settle the bet! Is s/he a Brown Recluse?

I think it has many of the characteristics of one, but my hubby doesn’t agree.

This spider has grown, and has shed its skin, too…

Thanks 🙂

Please email your answer to Robin or leave it in a comment. Thanks!


  1. Liesl Elliot says

    It doesn’t look like a brown recluse. It also wouldn’t tolerate you near it’s web. I got bit in the summer of 2011 and ended up with complete heart and organ failure. Was in the hospital for three weeks. I had one in my house about a month ago – Scared the hell out of me.

  2. It looks similar to a common spider here in Florida called the green lynx spider. We see them in the fall on wildflowers catching butterflies and other insects.

  3. Frederick Gralenski says

    Does it build a big web? I would guess a Araneus species, and probably a common barn spider A.cavaticus. You can safely stay in your house.