Bobcat Feeds on Deer Carcass

A bobcat sits in brush near Sunkhaze Meadows NWR.

My wife Pamela has been patiently sitting in her photo blind for hours and hours over the past 6 weeks through cold and snow waiting for a bobcat to show up at a site near a deer carcass. Well, this morning the cat finally visited her site! At one point, the cat was within 10 feet of Pam in her blind. She said the cat was only curious about her camera and her hand focusing that he could see through the opening in the blind. Pam was not afraid and the bobcat eventually walked away when it heard a truck pass on the nearby road. This site is on our property in Milford near Sunkhaze Meadows NWR. On the tree next to her in the blind photo, you can see one of my motion-activated cameras where I get video of critters that come by when no one is there. You can view one of my videos of what I believe to be the same bobcat on YouTube:

Bobcats are beautiful cats. Notice the color detail in his face.

You’ll find more videos by Bryan and Pamela Wells at their YouTube channel. Tap here for their website.

Pamela Wells in her blind beside a deer carcass.


  1. What beautiful pictures of the bobcat!

    Will you be working on a Black Fly Report for 2012?