Amphibian ID

When Kevin went to clean out and refill the dog water bucket (a metal container holding about 10 gallons, but which was practically empty) on Tuesday afternoon Oct 26, he found this little amphibian there… it was pretty chilly — the high was only in the low 60s and lows had been regularly in the 40s… and it wasn’t very lively, but it was alive.

Any idea what it was? We are not sure how it got into the water container, but it wasn’t really able to get out. My best guess is that it fell or climbed in from the adjacent wooden fence. Jj

Please email answers or reply below! Thanks!



  1. Ginny Remeika says

    This is the spotted salamander, Ambystoma maculatum. They are usually seen in the spring when they converge at vernal pools to mate and lay eggs on the first warm night of spring. They are rarely seen otherwise and are described as “secretive” as they are nocturnal and burrow under leaves and duff or use the tunnels of shrews and other small mammals to hide in during the day.

    For more information, see Maine Amphibians and Reptiles, edited by Malcolm L. Hunter, et. al.