Salamander ID Please

While playing in the back yard my boys and nephews found this unusual salamander. We think it is a Jefferson Salamander and wanted your opinion. The salamander was found under a rotten log by a small stream in Warren, Maine. Thank for any information.  LV
If you can identify this salamander please email your information or comment below! Thanks.  Robin


  1. Ambystoma laterale. Well tentatively. Hard to really get a good look, but it does look like a blue spotted sally. KB

  2. Fred Gralenski says

    Blue spotted salamander Ambystoma laterale of some unknown hybrid. Interesting history in ‘Maine Amphibians and Reptiles’. These are the most common mole salamanders here in Pembroke. Their close relative, the Jefferson salamander, is not known in Maine, but reaches into sw New England (Ref: Petranka)