Robin’s Journal – Back in the Boat

Another day spent on Spednic Lake, putting in at the landing in Vanceboro, Washington County. With the Gazetteer in easy reach, I can tell you that it’s Map 46. Fishing was slower but we still caught and released a lot of fish. I’d have liked to have kept the two white perch but they weren’t big enough to make a meal for three people. Something I’d never seen happened while trolling back to shore at the end of the day. A few minutes before sunset a large perch jumped. Within 30 seconds we were surrounded by a few hundred jumping and swirling fish. An osprey flying to the north of us turned in our direction, swooped down and caught a fish. It struggled slightly to take off. Ten feet off the surface, the osprey stopped flapping its wings for a split second to shake water off itself. As though the end-of-recess bell rang, the fish disappeared. From start to finish, the jumping frenzy lasted 15 minutes.

We see this loon in the same cove every time we’re on the lake.

We saw only one American bald eagle while on the lake, off in the distance. Loons called back and forth, out of sight. One loon, that we see in the same cove each time we’re on the lake, floats around as though he’s people watching. I wonder what he does all day and why he’s not with the other loons.