Herring Gull

Bar Harbor (Map 16)

A herring gull found an easy meal at the town pier in Bar Harbor. We spotted the bird when it was trying to tear apart a starfish. We watched it shake the starfish repeatedly for about a minute. When it finally broke into two pieces the gull swallowed the part with three legs after a few tries, then downed the second piece with two legs easily.

Going out for seconds!

Looking in the rock weed. Nothing here.

Success! The gull had to go all the way to the end of the pier before it found another starfish.

The gull repeated the process of shaking the starfish until it tore into two parts. It took the gull a full minute to tear the starfish in two but just a few seconds to swallow its meal. When it was done it walked to the top of the pier and napped in the sun.