Talmadge (Map 45)

Domestic meets wild. Eastern wild turkeys having been hanging out with my Bourbon Reds. They are four jakes. There are no signs of mature toms or hens. The wild turkeys aren’t their usual leery, skittish selves when they’re here. I walked 10′ from them before they moved a few feet away.  When I want my toms to gobble I say “Tommy!” in a somewhat high pitch. These jakes have started answering me too. They walk through the soon-to-be planted fields several times a day. As much as I enjoy seeing them, they are pests with potential to cause a lot of crop damage. We chase them off (which is why I was so close to them) every time we see them.  This photo is two wild turkeys in front of my two toms.

We’re going! We’re going!

Eastern wild turkey

“Tommy!” They replied with gobble gobble gobble times three.

They didn’t leave. They took a right around the hen house, cut through part of the garden and came back to my turkeys.

We’re not going!  We went in circles trying to push these birds off into the woods.I said, “Go!” They said…

something that I’m sure is unrepeatable in a family publication. Enough of this. We need them to be afraid of us but when that doesn’t work we bring out the old, slow farmcollie.  They don’t know she’s too slow to catch them. They were 200′ from the house when the collie appeared. And then they were gone.