Weekly Notes

Vernal Equinox

Vernal Equinox Old Man Winter sure is slow … [Read More...]

Weekly Notes ~ Record Cold

 Record Cold February was the coldest … [Read More...]

Weekly Notes ~ Twilight

  Despite it being the 'dead of winter', … [Read More...]

Quoddy Nature Notes

Red Squirrel

Anyone with a birdfeeder is familiar with the red squirrel, but did you know the diet of this rodent includes more than seeds and nuts?


Daylight savings time impacts our routines and schedules, while the seasonal changes of light affect our internal clock along with many species of wildlife.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ White footed Mouse

Mice are fun things to study, especially during this time of year. It seems like in the attic or garage one can sometimes bump into a mouse or two.

Maine Nature Muse

Black Bears Among Us

Black bears are often near but a glimpse might be all we get or if we’re lucky, a track. They are adapted to survive and thrive throughout Maine.

Tracks or Tricks in Mud Season

Wild creatures are usually on the sly and the only way to know what creature was there is from the tracks, but really, who was there?

Tracks in the old log yard

March is my favorite month, the warm days hint of spring but the nights are still cold enough to hold the snow cover just a bit longer.